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Finding a Design Theme

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Would you like to purchase a custom design item, but simply don’t know what you would like the theme to be? Or maybe you have so many ideas, that it is difficult to narrow down which one to go with? Here are some easy steps to help you decide which design theme you would like to go with when it comes to filling out our Customization Template.

Step 1. First things First

If you cannot think of any specific theme to start with, try looking around. What are your hobbies? Are there any current Movies, TV shows, Video Games, or Books you are enjoying? Or do you have an all-time favorite Movie? What about the characters? Do you have a favorite character? Or maybe instead of a favorite character, you have a favorite scene.

If you aren’t interested in an entertainment based theme, start thinking of things you enjoy. What is aesthetically pleasing to you? Do you enjoy dark illustrations, or light airy designs? Or are you inspired by a specific time period? For example, I really enjoy dark anatomical illustrations! A theme like this, would be very easy to come up with multiple concepts for the proof.

Step 2. Make a List

The best way, I have found to narrow down your choices or to think of new ones, is to create a list. However you would like to do it, whether its bullet points, a mind map, or just scribbles. However your mind works, as long as there are ideas written down. Start with your theme, Movie or Book title. Is there a particular character or characters you like best? Create a little blurb about your favorite parts of the movie, characters, or theme below the title. If you have multiple ideas, go to the next point and write that down. Title, character or scene, and a little note about what you enjoy. Keep going until you have written out all all your ideas.

Step 3: The Deciding Factor

Now that everything is written down, take one last glance at everything. Make sure that there are no last minute notes, or additions.

Nothing else? Perfect. You‘re doing great. Now close up shop. Put your notebook, tablet, or paper away. Be sure to remember where you put it. You just put a decent amount of work into brainstorming. But now that it is away, leave it alone. Really. Just get up, and walk away. Let it steep in your subconscious for a bit. Take some time for yourself, or go run and do that thing you needed to do today. Then after some time..5 minutes, an hour, a day. Come back to it, open it up and look at your handy work. Go through and look over your options. Which option is speaking to you? Or rather, which one really isn’t doing it for you? Using this method to narrow your choices, you can cross of ones you don’t like anymore. Or circle the one that is really calling you.


These steps are a sure fire way to help you come up with an theme for your design. If you are stuck between two ideas, let me know! I am happy to send you two different proofs, and you can decide which one you would like to go with. If you tried these steps, and they really didn’t work for you. Don’t worry! Send me a message, or an email and I will be happy to assist you with finding an idea that you will truly love.

Sometimes thinking of design themes can be difficult, and overwhelming. But don’t worry, you are not alone in this.

Good luck!

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