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Common Queries

What are the payment options?

The payment options we currently accept are all major Credit Cards. Unfortunately, we do not current accept Paypal. 

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, we do not offer returns/ refunds on custom designed items. All other items, are returnable within 30 days of receiving. Please contact us, to get the return initiated. After the return is started, you the customer is in charge of shipping. If there are any problems with your order, please reach out to us and we will be happy to get it resolved. 

How does it work?

After an order is placed, I will reach out to you within 24hours with our customization template. This template will help us get a good idea of what you are looking for. After it is filled out, we ask that you send that back.Within 24 hours of getting the template back, we will send out the design proof. This will be the basic idea of what the item will look like as a finished product. At this point, we would ask you to confirm the design, or note any changes you wish to see. If we get the green light from you, then production is started on the item. If there are changes, we will update the proof and send it back. After production, it goes to shipping! You will get a notice that your package has been shipped, with an estimated date and tracking number. 

Shoe Policy

For our Custom Painted Shoes, we do require the customer to provide their own shoes for customization. This will confirm that the correct style, and size is ordered, as these are not available for return/refund. If you are interested, but unsure what type of shoe to go with. We suggest Vans, Convers, or any type of store brand alternate. If you have any questions about what type of shoe would work, please reach out to me.

Care Instructions 

Caring for your shoes after production is very easy! They are waterproofed, so all you would need to do is wash them gently with soap and cold water if dirty. I do not recommend using a cleaning product on them, as this might remove the waterproofing.
For other clothing, I do recommend dry clean only.

Large order quantity 

If you are looking to order a large quantity of custom shoes/ designs, for an event. Bulk pricing, is available. Please reach out to me in advance, for production times and prices.

Something wrong?

If there is anything wrong, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. All shipments will be insured, so if your order is lost in transit, or damaged. Please let me know and I can work with you on a solution.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

At SK:KS we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee for our design proofs. If you are not happy with the design proof that we provide, please let us know! We are happy to update it until you are happy with it. That way, once your custom item is produced, they are everything that you could have wanted. 

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