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Draw, Create, Something - ANYTHING!

If you're like me, you can always come up with reasons not to do something. You don't have time, there are things "more important", or my common one "Oh but I just got comfortable!". But creating can have so many benefits, to your mental health, and physical health. However I understand how drawing can feel daunting sometimes. I've heard friends say they don't want to even try, because they "know" that it isn't going to turn out the way they want. Or they think the tools they have, aren't good enough. Well I'm here to tell you a couple very important things. I've even put them in a list so you know i'm serious.

1. Tools Shmools

You do not need fancy weighted paper, or art pens to draw. You don't even need paints to paint! Anything within reach will do. The fancy paper and pens are nice (don't get me wrong) but they are not a requirement. Just grab what you can, scrap pieces of paper, the old pen from the bottom of the drawer. Condiments out of the fridge, anything. As a teenager I have many memories of waiting after a meal for the adults to be done talking, and doodling little things on my plate with left over sauce. Seriously, you can use just about anything.

2. Comparison is the Killer of Inspiration

The moment you start comparing your artwork to anyone else, you can really start hurting your mindset. It can knock your heart, and your ego down a couple pegs. Especially when you are just starting out. I've had so many people over the years, refuse to show me their artwork, because I had more experience than them. But the thing is... there will always be someone who is better than you at something. There will also always be someone who is worse than you. So don't compare your starting, to their years of experience.

3. Be Aware of Your Mindset

Mindset is so important, for creating and for life in general. If you tell yourself that you “aren’t good at art” or even worse “why even try”, then you are giving up on yourself before you even start. If you tell yourself that it isn’t going to work out, chances are it won’t! Or you’ll be so focused on the negative, that you would even notice the good things. Another word for this is manifest.So giving yourself the space to create without judgement is so important! Art is hard! But knowing that, and knowing that it may not turn out (and that is okay!) and accepting yourself without judgement will help you to create without hesitation. Keeping things positive in your mind will make it more enticing in the future.

4. Just Sit Your mother-loving Butt Down

I mean what I say, and say what I mean. Just sit your butt down and create. You don't need any special tools, just use whatever you have and do it. Those chores, those errands, will always be there, so take a break for yourself. Take 30 minutes out of your day to open yourself up to creativity. Then go back to the chores later, don't worry they'll still be there. Now if you've gotten this far but you aren't sure what to draw, then dive into that memory bank. What have you seen that day? Did you go on a walk? Draw something that you saw. Maybe a tree, or a rough outline of a person. Or if, like me, and your day is a bit of a blur, of shuffling toddlers around, and you can't think of what you saw, then draw where you are. I love drawing the room that I currently occupy (or maybe the room upside-down?) Or you can draw something you love.

Just sitting down, and doing art is the best way to get better. If you let the little things like tools, or doubt stop you. Then you'll never get better. Unfortunately, we can't just will ourselves to get better without a little bit of practice. So take a deep breath, and trust the process.

Art is so important, in many different ways. If you want me to share the health benefits of creating, let me know! I hope these tips help you look past your art roadblocks and gives you the inspiration to create.

Also, (PLEASE) share your art! I would love to see what everyone is working on.

Did these tips help you? Tag me on instagram @sk.kscustomdesigns and show me your creations!

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