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      Custom painted T-shirts specializing in designs from TV shows, movies, games, or books. Anything you would like, we can create. We are happy to assist you with any design that you are interested in. If you need help coming up with theme ideas please visit our Blog, Doodle Diaries for Brainstorming tips!

     These shirts are custom made are not available for return/refund. These shirts do take about two weeks in production. The first week for the proof, and after proof approval the second week for production before shipping.


How it works!

     After an order is placed with SK:KS Custom Designs, I will reach out to you within 24 hours with our Customization Template. This template will give me a good idea of what direction you are thinking for your design. After this has been filled out, please email it back to us. Within 24 hours of receiving the Customization Template, we will send you the design proof for the shoes. This would be the time to make any neccesary changes! If changes are required, then an updated proof will be sent out. Otherwise, if everything looks good we will have you sign off on the design, and production will begin!         We’re willing to help with every part of your purchase - just tell what kind of assistance you need. Something’s got wrong? Contact me, we’ll do our best to fix it. If you have any questions, please reach out to me here, or at

                     Anything you can dream, brought to reality.

Custom Design T-Shirts

Excluding Sales Tax
Base Color
  • Custom made T-shirts are Dryclean only, and are not made to go in the Washing machine or Dryer. 

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